Industrial Workforce Camps

General Marine Leasing specializes in providing you with workforce accommodations in remote areas, both onshore and offshore. GML can provide your workforce with all the equipment necessary to support and sustain work crews in the most remote areas. GML provides your workforce with generators, water and sewage treatment systems, full service catering, and camp management services. Let General Marine Leasing design, fabricate, install, and provide all the services for your Remote or Industrial Workforce Camp.

Industrial Workforce Camps

General Marine Leasing Industrial Workforce Camps are specifically engineered and fabricated to support workers in remote or low access areas. GML understands how important it is to provide industrial workers with right housing to help keep projects on schedule.

Industrial Workforce Auxiliary Equipment

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General Marine Leasing has numerous other floor plans available. Please contact our customer service representatives at 504-394-1155 or click on the request info link below to inquire more about our living quarters, bunk houses, offices, and combination/customized units.

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