Auxiliary Equipment

General Marine Leasing can complete your workforce accommodation with our complete line of industrial auxiliary equipment. General Marine Leasing auxiliary equipment is especially designed to operate with our portable buildings and units ensuring compatibility and reducing inefficiency issues. General Marine Leasing carries sewage treatment tanks, external lighting systems, potable water tanks, and pressure distribution sets.

Water Distribution Systems

General Marine Leasing designs and fabricates water distribution systems. These distributor units provide you with the optimum level of water pressure for supplying water to your portable building or complete workforce camp.

Fire & Gas Detection Systems

Catalytic and infrared combustible gas detection systems are available for industrial, offshore, and marine applications. These units are comprised of detector and transmitter assemblies and typically send signals to a controller system for status monitoring. The control unit processes this information and provides subsequent alarm and control outputs.

Toxic gas detection systems provide you with a reliable means of detecting gases, such as hydrogen sulphide, carbon monoxide and sulphur dioxide. These units are generally based on an electrochemical technology design, comprised of detector and transmitter assemblies, and also typically send a signal to a controller, PLC, or DCS system for status monitoring.

Portable Water Tanks

General Marine Leasing has a complete line of potable water tanks available in 2000, 4000, 6400, 10000, gallon capacities. These potable water tanks are made from food grade polyethylene that is chemically inert protecting water from metal oxides normally found in aluminum or stainless steel tanks. The polyethylene is stress relieved, making them extremely durable and all welds are pure air welded and subjected to water testing prior to installation.


General Marine Leasing plans, designs, and builds heliports for use with our portable buildings and the marine industry. These Heliports can be fabricated from steel or aluminum which provide a high strength-to-weight-ratio. Sizes can range from one, two, or three helicopter sized heliports with complete lighting systems.

Electrical Distribution Systems

General Marine Leasing Electrical Distribution Systems are engineered specifically for the electrical systems installed in our portable workforce buildings and units. The goal of GML’s electrical distribution system is provide a quick and safe solution to your specific power distribution needs.

Platforms, Decks, & Stairways

GML’s platform, deck, and stairway systems are especially designed for use with our portable buildings and units. Each assembly is fabricated from steel and connects directly to the portable unit in order to provide access. GML can also custom design a platform, deck, or stairway for your specific portable building configuration.

HVAC Systems

General Marine Leasing uses precision HVAC heating and cooling products that provide the precise, year-round cooling required by sensitive electronics while protecting them from the environmental hazards of dust, temperature and humidity.

These HVAC heating and cooling systems provide year-round precision cooling and humidity control of small areas such as computer, control, and equipment rooms where people and sensitive electronics share the same space. These space-saving systems are available in various configurations and sizes to meet the needs of various sized units.

Exterior Lighting Systems

Exterior Lighting Systems are available to provide exterior illumination to your night operation surrounding areas. GML’s exterior lighting systems have been designed for outdoor both onshore and offshore. Each lighting system can be wall mounted or used free standing making installation and use quick and easy.

Additional Equipment

  • External Walkways
  • Decks
  • Generators
  • Office Equipment
  • Communication & Satellite Systems

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