Quality, Health, Safety, & Environmental Policy

General Marine Leasing, LLC Quality Statement

General Marine Leasing, LLC is committed to serving the growing needs of the oil, gas, and energy industry with an emphasis on providing the highest quality products, effective project management, and outstanding customer service. At General Marine Leasing, LLC we believe that quality is designed and built to meet customer specifications through performance and conformance quality, durability, cost effectiveness, reliability, and delivery. This includes ensuring that we meet and exceed any relevant and applicable industry-specific regulations, standards, and guidelines.

Safety Target Zero Program

General Marine Leasing considers the health and safety of every employee to be the core value of every business decision and plan. GML takes pride in our employee driven safety culture designed to prevent the occurrence of work-related injuries, illness, and property losses. Our commitment to safety revolves around the notion that: “Accidents are never acceptable”.

Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE)

It is the policy of General Marine Leasing that each and every one of our employees are entitled to work in a Safe and Healthful Environment. To accomplish this, continued emphasis will be placed on Accident Prevention, Employee Health Protection, Protection of Environment, and General Loss. Control Supervisors , Department Heads and Employees at all levels of General Marine Leasing workforce are directed to make Job Safety a matter equal in importance to all other company operations. Therefore, the control of these incidents will result in an efficient operation passing along the benefits to its employees and customers.

Quality Assurance & Control

Our quality assurance and quality control program is committed to providing you with quality products and services. This program sets the standards and criteria to assure that our work meets or exceeds any applicable codes and project requirements. General Marine Leasing supports our quality and service commitments with the most experienced and qualified personnel who have been trained and certified in the latest quality assurance and quality control techniques to ensure that GML continues to provide the strength and quality you demand and deserve.